Wedding Shawl


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From the Regency era to the end of the 1860s, there was no fashion accessory as versatile and ubiquitous as the shawl. Available in all weights of fabrics, including silk, lace, muslin, and cashmere wool, and priced for all budgets, shawls graced the shoulders of women in every strata of society.

A luxury cashmere wedding shawl and wraps are perfect not only for winter brides but also for covering up on a summer’s wedding evening. Trimmed with the fluffiest ostrich feathers, genuine fox fur and the softest Tibetan sheepskin, these wedding shawls will add glamour to your wedding day look.

The Paisley design was very popular during the early 1800s, and connects Britain to its wider Empire and India. Original, and expensive shawls were woven in Cashmere and came from India. Cheaper versions were woven, particularly in Central Scotland, at Paisley.

Flowers may fade, but our hand-knit shawls and bouquets are a lasting reminder of your special day. Our range includes shawls, bouquets and flowers to make your wedding stand out. As we dye our wool to order, you can be certain that your accessories will match your colours scheme.