Silk Scarf


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Silk cloth was considered extremely valuable in Ancient China and, at first, could only be worn by members of the royal family. It subsequently went on to become a prized export for the Chinese.

In 1837, Queen Victoria ascended to the throne and it was during her reign that silk scarves became an accessory for the nobility, a symbol of luxury. From the beginning, silk and other textiles were closely related to the leather trade, as they were all used to produce apparel. In addition, the same sheep hide might supply a maker of leather armor as well as a weaver.

A fabulous silk scarf can be pricey, but it can be worn for decades. A vintage silk scarf with their hand-rolled and hand-stitched hems and motifs ranging from equestrian themes to ancient maps to coats of arms are still must-have items for anyone who is fashion-forward.

Beautifully created from 100% silk, it has a luxuriously light feel and eye catching design. It's multicolored design allows it to be worn with a multitude of clothing. A must have piece for your Indian accessory clothing.