Ladies Neck Scarf


  • Image of Ladies Neck Scarf

Classic silk square scarves or Foulards as they are called in Europe are the traditional women's fashion scarf and are usually made of silk. It's a versatile size (around 35-36" square) that can be worn as a headscarf, or around the neck or waist, styled in numerous ways. In the 50's and 60's this size was made famous by Hollywood divas and other famous women.

It can take up to 1700 hours to complete one scarf, which is why a ladies neck scarf can be expensive but the precision drawn, vividly colourful result is worth it. Even worn vintage pieces are still very much in demand, and no wonder: each could be considered a reproduced piece of art much in the same way etchings or photographs are, and as with fine art, the value of some prints only increases with age.

Silk scarves are a wardrobe staple and fashion accessory and can take a neutral outfit from basic to “wow.” To tie a womans neck scarf, fold the scarf into a triangle and roll up. Wrap around the ladies neck, crossing ends behind your neck and pulling them forward in front of you. Tie a knot beneath the chin. Shift scarf to the left or right side, leaving the long ends to hang loose.