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As the weather starts to turn and our wardrobe shifts, certain pieces take more prominent roles in our closet. Take, for example, the humble scarf.

On glamorous stars such as Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, nothing seemed to epitomise the essence of chic more than their scarves, worn 'touring' style over the head, fluttering in the warm Riviera breeze.

The scarf is another classic investment piece, originally designed to keep you warm and cozy. So where’s the trend? Its position in fashion has been changing. In recent years, the scarf has become less of a necessity and more of an accessory.

The scarf, a timeless and classic accessory that has spanned through millenniums and still has not lost its symbol of elegance and beauty. However, its functionality has changed throughout history. Let us take you back to the beginning and show you its significant highlights through its development into what it has become today.

Scarves should not be reserved for grandma. They are a fabulous and practical accessory and if used well can transform an outfit. Pashmina scarves are the best of course. Beautiful designs and high quality compared to a lot of the cheap imitations on sale in todays high street stores.

Drape the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. Take the long end of the scarf, cross it over the short end, then bring it under and through the opening near your neck to tie. After you tie the knot, pull on both ends of the scarf to tighten it until you are satisfied with the look.